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Paper Gold Publishing

The Gold Standard in books.

Welcome to Paper Gold Publishing, a royalty-paying publisher with international reach, where the focus is on the author. Whether you are on the road to self publishing, or committed to a long-term publishing career as author on our list, here you will always be Number One.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer care and attention to every need and demand our authors might have. We are efficient and experienced, with an excellent track record within our fields. We offer outstanding value and high quality work delivered in a clear, transparent and easy to monitor way. We believe the secrets to a successful partnership are respect and communication.

Talk to us. If you are an aspiring author and would like to learn more about Paper Gold Publishing and our range of services, we invite you to have a look around. We welcome all inquiries and feedback. Click here for our Contact Us page.

Another Old West Tale

The Civil War is over, everything is in flux. For two brothers, it isn’t over yet.

Lace fears Izzy won’t make it home. If Buster gets there first, she’s prepared to hide out in the secret room that’s part of the underground railroad. She can’t let Buster find her. Would he really do all he’s been threatening her with for years? Lace doesn’t want to chance finding out.

Buster’s only a day behind him. He needs to get to the house and tell everyone the war’s over and they’re free. Finding complete devastation and Mam, Pa, and Satin dead is a hard blow. Izzy hopes Lace is waiting for him in her grandpa’s cabin. If she is, they must get on the move. When his older brother finds the place burned to the ground, there’s no telling what he’ll do.I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Another S.U.N. Universe story

It’s going to take money and power to make the Kahna dream come alive.

Adar Genn is out to gather as much as he can of both money and power. He needs it to make Krael’s vision for his war children a reality. The recession the universe is trapped in won’t make his task any easier. Still, the dream has taken hold in Adar. He has a lot of matters that he needs to deal with. Some will pay, others won’t. A few will drain his limited resources. But when a friend comes calling, Adar can’t say no. 

She was a prisoner in her own mind. Escaping memories is never easy.

When a drug cartel takes their reign too far—corrupting and enslaving young girls against their will—a small band of freedom fighters in Central America stands up and takes action. The decision leads to decades of murder, mayhem, and intrigue. Who really assassinated Costa Rica’s first female President? Was it a political move or personal vendetta? And what does any of this have to do with a feisty female detective from Texas many decades later?


to improve your life?Dr. Jan has some pointers for you.





the author

of our




Larry Yoke and Charlotte Nystrom

Poetry creates pictures in the mind. 

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Last First Kiss

The only thing worse than having your heart broken is going home and having nothing to show for it. Which is exactly the situation Logan Hanson finds himself in. Worse than that, his hometown isn’t exactly glad to have him back. He’s jobless, friendless and things are looking pretty bleak… until his dad’s best friend, Ezra, throws him a lifeline.

Small town life has always suited Ezra Black just fine, but it hurts him to see Logan struggle to re-adjust. Ezra has always been an out and proud bisexual, but small town gossip about his best friend's son has him wondering if he’s as accepted as he thought.

Ezra offers Logan a job, hoping that the people of the town will get over themselves and see Logan for what he is, a young man who wants a chance to start over and fit in. The more time they spend together, the closer they grow, and all it takes is one kiss for everything between them to change.

Their relationship is new, but is it strong enough to overcome small town gossip, an angry friend, and father who doesn’t understand their love? All Ezra wants is for Logan to be his last first kiss, but can that be enough?

Spare Parts

What happens when three best friends take a two-week vacation?

Hunter Steele is about to find out.

Hunter always thought he felt attracted to women. For a while, he’s felt as straight as hot spaghetti, not straight at all.

His best friends Killian and Ari don’t see it coming, but when Hunter makes his move, they’re all in. The three friends become more inseparable than ever, sharing things they never thought they’d reveal.

Two weeks of euphoria in a sun soaked paradise isn’t enough to solve their problems. Insecurities still seep into their relationship. Hunter has to come out and fears what may happen. Killian doesn’t believe he’s enough for one man, let alone two, and Ari has to hold them all together, doubts and all.

The Trouble With Triads

Three friends and a lifetime of shared memories. What happens when one of them changes the dynamic? They are about to find out. 

Do you ever get over your first love? When his ex needs help, Tristan is there. But what will Tristan's husband think of his efforts to help Alex? 

An Epic


She is an Emerald.

Her job is to find the young humans just coming into their magic and get them off earth as fast as possible. She sees all the signs of a youth feeling the first flush, but can’t find the budding witch or warlock. She must get to them before the others find and kill the human. She locates a somewhat nerdy professor, but not the person she seeks.

It’s not fair to a human to allow anything to develop between them.

When she discovers the full-grown man is the person she hopes to aid, she takes him home. But things have turned nasty on her world. Those who hate anyone not of the proper standing want to destroy him and she could be collateral damage physically and emotionally.

Start a support group.

But start and begin the process of changing your life. 


adventure for Adar Genn. 

Paper Gold

Publishing's awards! 


Hunter as he learns

things about

his family. There's a reason his mother

called him to come home.

The young writer is about to discover what secrets his family have kept.   


for the



C. Forrest?

An unlikely couple

face a winter of change.

C. Forrest



Love Westerns?

Check out this new short from C. Forrest. How many know the Cherokee had slaves?

Check out the trailer below.

Fantastic work. 


Are you ready?

Pierce and Henry are Exploding across Amazon. E.M. Denning's dark and compelling new novel is here.

In Kindle Unlimited or

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Fresh NEW Thriller!

Secret societies, age-old evil. Someone is ready to bring it back and release havoc on the world. 

It's here! And It's nonstop action!

Aliens, gambling drugs,


fighter planes, sex and Sam, Tom

And your favorite bad guys ready

to kick alien butt. 

Maggie tried the big city and went home to Jenns Cove.

He's a scientist from the city. There's an attraction but... he'll

leave eventually.

The big mining company trying to take over land wants all obstacles out of their path. Murder isn't out of the question.


other retailers

"[feels] like an action

adventure movie!"

A Dystopian Urban Fantasy Desperate times have come to Emma Maya Ando’s country. A totalitarian regime with no tolerance for deviation has marginalized thousands. Neither physical exceptionality nor freedom of thought has a place. All is conformity.

But Maya doesn’t conform, and time is running out on her ability to conceal her condition. Can Maya find a cure before she is swept up in a purge… or will she take her secret to the grave?

Paranormal Romance

Working for

the shifter

hasn't helped

her at all.

Worse, lynx are

solitary creatures.

She's ready to

give it up as a

failed romance.

Then again, how can it be a

romance if he

won't cooperate?


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The Twisted Laird 18+

Culloden has taken all the males of the clan but one. Lame, he alone can protect the women and children. They must leave the land for Glasgow.

Love Dark Reads?

Stockholm Syndrome at it's worst.

Without question eighteen (18) or over.


Railroad Bridge






have seen in your




other retailers

And one of's

50 best books of 2017!

Our own K.H. Bixby

Buy at


hasn't been home in years. She dreads a visit. There's a man she doesn't want to see and a woman she hates. But things aren't quite the way she thought.


Cat and CoDee are working to help a planet overcome a disaster.

Adar Genn

is a hard