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Paper Gold Publishing

The Gold Standard in books.



1. We are open for submissions.

2. You do not require an agent's representation in order to submit.

3. Submissions will be considered in order of receipt.

4. Our turnaround time is usually under 72 hours, but there may be instances when our in-boxes will be bulging. We aim to give you an estimate, and we ask that you are patient and respectful in your communications with us.

5. Every submission will be acknowledged and every resolution will be given in writing (email), with a list of recommendations where applicable.

6. Please do not send in hand-written manuscripts. Our preferred submission method is email.

We are only considering completed manuscripts. These can be in any genre, fiction or non-fiction, and of any length. Having said that, if you submit a 2500-word story, please be aware that we would look to publish it as part of an anthology. This may negatively influence your expected publication date. Alternatively, if you submit an opus 400,000 words long, we may decide to split it into several books and publish it as a series.

Whatever genre you choose, please make sure you put your heart and soul into your writing. In a world where 3 million books are available daily for one-click purchase, your only chance to stand out from the crowd is to be brilliant. A poorly written story, a rush job, or something you cobbled together last night and never bothered checking for typos or clarity of thought, is simply not going to be good enough. You have to have a powerful style, a formidable message, an awe-inspiring product in order to have a chance of rising to the top.

No pressure, then.

At PGP, we are waiting to receive that breathtaking story that will leave us in awe of you, the author. Give us no choice but to publish your work.

Free tip:

Increasingly, the modern reader is looking for value and superior quality, and so, any writers who hope to engage a large proportion of their readers consistently over a long period of time would be well-advised to listen to their readers' needs and wishes.

When you are ready...

Please send your submission to [email protected]

Please type your name and title of your work in the subject line. The email itself should consist of a short query, including the title of your manuscript, approximate wordcount, a short summary of your book (a sentence or two, NOT a full synopsis) and a few words about yourself. We would also like to know whether your work is already published and where, and whether you are submitting this manuscript to other publishers at the same time. Please be assured this information is not a deciding factor in your manuscript's acceptance. We have listed above what is.

Attach your manuscript to the email. We would like to read a short synopsis of your work before we launch into the book, but we also understand that for some authors synopses are akin to facing the gallows. If you find it difficult to write a synopsis, just do your best. The entire work will not be judged on the quality or technical execution of your synopsis. Include this synopsis on page one of your manuscript. Please refrain from using watermarks and special effects; they tire the eye and distract the reader at the best of times. So do colors and multiple fonts or font sizes. We have formatters for such things. First, we need to concentrate on the story.

If you are submitting several manuscripts, please make a separate submission for each one.


What is likely to improve my chances?

An extraordinary story, an original concept (or an old concept with a new twist), beautiful prose, a strong voice, and a clean manuscript. We would prefer you not to send us your first draft, unless you are certain it is of excellent quality.

If I get a rejection, can I resubmit?

Yes, of course. Take a look at your recommendations. You can do two things with them: ignore them completely (in which case your subsequent submissions will achieve the same result), or work on improving your manuscript.

If I follow your recommendations, does that mean you'll accept my book when I resubmit?

Not necessarily. Your book will be better (we hope) but there may be other issues that still need work. Please do not get discouraged. They say it takes one million words before an author settles in a style. Hard work will show.

One of your team edited my book before. Does that mean you'll publish me?

No. Each submission will be given careful consideration by a panel of experts in the first instance. They all have to agree that your book has adequate potential. Once your book has made it through the first level panel, we will discuss its potential with a wider team, some who are experts and some whose only expertise lies in their love of reading.

If you say no, can you at least tell me where to go next?

There are a lot of options still open to you, if your manuscript is not a good fit for us. A simple Google search will reveal many independent presses, so you could query them. If you have worked on our recommendations, you could resubmit to us. You could enter one of our writing competitions. Attend book fairs and other literary events in order to meet other like-minded people and possibly even talent-hunting agents.

What royalties am I likely to get?

Each contract is drawn on an individual basis, but we can tell you the minimum you are likely to get is 40% of net sales, and the maximum is 70%. We have set up schemes which encourage our authors to help us promote their work. The royalty rates increase in direct correlation with the results achieved, as an incentive.

Does that mean that I will have to promote my own work?

Have to? No. But it would be desirable and certainly beneficial to you. PGP promotes all its authors at no cost to the author, but no matter how hard we'll work, it will never be enough if the author is not interested in supporting his or her own work. Working together, we could achieve the best results.

What if it doesn't matter to me how well my book sells?

If the popularity of your book is not an issue, our Breakthrough Publishing Package would be best suited to your needs.

So let me get this straight. You want me to give you a perfect manuscript, waste valuable writing time promoting my book, and after all that I will still only get a small portion of the royalties due to me?

However perfect you think your manuscript is when we accept it, it will still pass through at least three editors and proofreaders before it is ready for publishing. It will require a professional cover and interior text format. It will require a team dedicated to promoting it and making the most of its potential – whether selling directly, identifying merchandise opportunities or other related sales. We take a global, international, no-stone-left-unturned view when it comes to promoting our authors. We have strict quality checks set in place at every stage of the publishing process. If you believe promotions are a waste of time, you may not have the right attitude to succeed in this dog-eat-dog industry. As for the size of your royalty payments – you could keep 100% of your royalties if you self-publish or use a small press to take you through the process. We cater for such needs through our Breakthrough Publishing Package.