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Paper Gold Publishing

The Gold Standard in books.

Sean P. Gallatin

has lived in Alaska since he was a small child. A very private person by nature, some Alaskans are like that, he tends to keep his personal life to himself.

An ex-Navy man, on returning home he found music to be his first love. While playing in a band, he has seen the seamier side of Alaska up close. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Anchorage was still trying to come to grips with having a fire hose nozzle of oil money flowing freely. Sean got to watch a lot of people and situations from the stage. It is surprising how people tend to ignore the band. There are more tales waiting to be told. 

A dark and gritty look at the underbelly of Alaska.

Must be over 18 for this one.

What would you do to give someone you love a little more time on this world? 

Some senior citizens are far more dangerous than they appear.

A love affair with a car is entirely justified when she keeps you alive.

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Recipient of Author Shout’s Reader Ready silver award.

Tom doesn’t have employees, it’s more akin to prisoners. Sam Garrison wants his freedom, but the price is stiff. He stumbled on something which could free him. If he fails, Tom’s retribution could be too horrid to even consider. 

Death isn’t the least of it.

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Winter World: 

A Mercenary's Union Novella

The Mercenary's Union has a contract for Adar. Out among the frontier worlds he and his crew will turn a profit if they work it right.

On a world with a long winter a warrior woman is on the hunt for the person who destroyed her home and committed murder. Her Goddess expects something of her which Adar will be a party to if they both live. Yselda always heeds the Goddess.

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Murder and mayhem on a fringe planet

Adar Genn gets a message to aid his old friend and mentor. Amazed by the size of the project Marcus Krael has in mind, Adar discovers it is nothing short of world building. The snake in paradise is Servolt.



Adar isn’t happy about babysitting CoDee. The boy knows next to nothing about working with a crew of tough men. But the boy and his cat are interesting. 

Then Adar finds he may need CoDee’s help on a little matter for a goddess.

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