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Paper Gold Publishing

The Gold Standard in books.

C. Forrest is a lover of all things having to do with the wilderness and the west. History and research are another of my favorite things.

C. Forrest says: I'm pleased as punch to be part of Paper Gold Publishing.

The sheriff and the saloon owner.

The unlikely couple face a challenging


Times are changing and the town is dying. 

What will the move mean for them? For her son?

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Louise and abner must go all the way to Dodge City to rescue her half sister. Getting there is only half the problem.

A Lady Without Means is a winner!

We knew that already. A short tale of would-be gold miners in the early 1800s, this one will keep you riveted until the very end. 

Someone behind him pulls the hammer back on a rifle. Now James understands why his horse didn’t want to move.

Two Fingers McCracken doesn’t want James's money or supplies; the Metis wants help. The man who kidnapped his daughter knows McCracken’s face. James agrees to help. The Civil War veteran doesn’t realize the situation is far more complicated than he first thought.

Emmalee McCracken is a pawn in a bigger struggle than anyone anticipated. But getting out alive and staying out of jail will take all James Madison Robertson’s intellect. And keeping Emmalee in Oregon may prove to be beyond him.

Based on a real situation that happened in 1880, two towns in Union County, Oregon engaged in a vicious battle to get the railroad to come their way. The conflict resulted in harsh feelings that persisted into the 20th century.

Eastern Oregon in the late 1800s. Zebulon Tanner's bride to be needs a special wedding gift, and he thinks he's found the perfect thing, a milk cow. But the animal is at a farm on the other side of the Grande Ronde River valley. It's late in the season and Zebulon will need to hustle to get back with the cow before the wedding. Amelia has been after him to get rid of the horse he's trying to turn into a manageable saddle broke animal. The decision to take that horse on the long ride will cost him and might even end his life.

She joined her husband of her own accord. She could have stayed with her parents and waited. But how could she leave her husband to celebrate their first Christmas alone? The journey to Lompoc, California isn’t an easy one. But things aren’t as she expected at her destination. A clean, short, historical Christmas romance.